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Anderton SICAV plc is a collective investment scheme organised as a multi-class public limited liability investment company with variable share capital (SICAV) under the laws of the EU and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). "Challenger Impact High Income Fund I" - the subfund administered by Anderton SICAV plc is admitted to distribution in selected European jurisdictions to qualified investors only. We are growth equity investor which will support scale-ups and high-growth SMEs and small mid-caps in several EU countries, with a focus on CEE.

Your assets are protected by Depository Bank - Sparkasse Bank Malta, fully owned by Austrian Sparkasse Schwaz AG (sub-custodian is Raiffeisen Bank International). Your account balance is registered with and maintained by a Transfer Agent - FexServ Ltd. All our activities are constantly audited by Mazars Auditors and Tax Advisors. Your money are being co-managed by Q Fund Management, an investment manager, our shareholder - a member of Q Group, offering financial services in Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Sweden and Ireland.

Qualified investors can subscribe to the fund through local, licensed brokerage houses, their trusted bank advisors or by reaching directly to our portfolio managers.

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FUND in numbers

100k €

Fund's Profile

Investor profile
For qualified, risk-accept investors
Targeted AUM at IOP*
15 mln - 100 mln € (*first subfund)
Asset Class
Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public Equity
Fund Administrator
Investment Manager
Sparkasse Bank Malta/Austria
Mazars Auditors & Tax Advisors
Fexserv Fund Services Ltd
Q Fund Management Ltd.
Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)
Challenger Subfund FACT SHEET
Challenger Subfund Offering Memorandum
Challenger Subfund Offering Supplement


Anderton SICAV plc

Anderton SICAV plc registered seat and headquarters is located in Floriana and regulated by the MFSA.

56, Ground Floor,
Europa Centre
St Anne Street,
Floriana FRN 9011, Malta

Mazars Auditors

Fund performance and activities are constantly audited by Mazars Auditors and Tax Advisors.

Mazars Auditors
32, Sovereign Building
Zaghfran Road
Attard ATD 9012, Malta

Q Fund Management

Anderton SICAV plc fund's are managed by QFM  with offices in Malta & Luxembourg.

Q Fund Management
LIJA 9012, Malta

Sparkasse Bank

Your assets are protected by Depository, belonging to renowned Austrian bank.

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc
101 Townsquare
Ix-Xatt ta' Qui-si-Sana
Sliema SLM3112, Malta


Targeted investment thesis

Our portfolio managers evaluate investment opportunities using a variety of signals aggregated from a multitude of data sources. We work with an exhaustive list of global companies mapped to identify their hidden gems and ethics.

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Portfolio value creation & exit

The fund is led by practitioners, leveraging our experience being on both sides of the table as entrepreneurs and early stage investors. Our built-in accelerator, open access to external corporate accelerators and CVCs, allows us to properly track our investments and identify exit opportunities for portfolio companies, before the investment decision is sealed.

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Unique selling points

Challenger Impact High Yield Fund I allows our investors to achieve absolute returns in the venture capital field, based on short and mid-term investments (no long term cashfreezing). We provide financing to chosen, impactful companies in exchange for an equity share, combined with Revenue Based Investment (working capital in return for a fixed percentage of on-going gross revenues).

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Past peformance and assets

Q Fund Management, our investment manager, totals over €1bn in assets under management from European clients only. The group is independent from banks and other financial intermediaries, without any conflicts of interest. It consists of different branches with qualified multi-year experience in the financial sector in Switzerland, Ireland and Malta.

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Our supervisors