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Anderton Venture Capital i
s an investment firm established and guided by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in financial markets. Our experts bring diverse backgrounds from renowned institutions such as BlackRock, HSBC Private Bank, GE Capital, JPMorgan, and Alpha Value. We are backed by QFM, a subsidiary of a conglomerate that includes a multinational asset manager and fund administrator overseeing assets totaling 1.6 billion EUR.

We intend to put investors money to work. Our investment proposition is an exceptional product that combines venture capital (VC) with collective investment scheme. The product - “Challenger Impact High Income Fund I” is one of the first funds that give investors access to private market investment opportunities through subscription to an open-end fund, with potential return on investment significantly beating other asset classes.

April 14, 2024
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Anderton partners with QFM and Sparkasse to elevate investment strategies

August 8, 2023
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Anderton SICAV and Gamma Capital Markets introduce new high yield investment fund

October 11, 2023
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Monaco Foundry and Anderton strike partnership to unlock next-gen investment opportunities

OUR investors expect a healthy return on volatile post-pandemic markets

Targeted investment thesis

Our portfolio managers evaluate investment opportunities using a variety of signals aggregated from a multitude of data sources. We work with an exhaustive list of global companies mapped to identify their hidden gems and ethics.
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Our investment objective is to achieve mid-term capital growth 3x cash on cash with 3-4 years horizon.

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We target sectors that are experiencing above-average growth relative to the broader market.

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Portfolio value creation & exit

The fund is led by practitioners, leveraging our experience being on both sides of the table as entrepreneurs and early stage investors. Our built-in accelerator, open access to external corporate accelerators and CVCs, allows us to properly track our investments and identify exit opportunities for portfolio companies, before the investment decision is sealed.
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A company must be able to demonstrate the capacity to undergo a liquidity event in order for it to receive an investment from us.

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Disruptive capital for disruptive ideas. Can we create high margins and while foreseeing high exit possibilities?

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Unique selling points

Challenger Impact High Yield Fund I allows our investors to achieve absolute returns in the venture capital field, based on short and mid-term investments (no long term cashfreezing). We provide financing to chosen, impactful companies in exchange for an equity share, combined with Revenue Based Investment (working capital in return for a fixed percentage of on-going gross revenues).
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The Challenger Fund is one of the first funds that gives eligible investors access to VC/PE market investment opportunities.

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The benefits of geographical diversification of assets and Revenue Based Investments.

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Past peformance and assets

Q Fund Management, our investment manager, totals over €1bn in assets under management from European clients only. The group is independent from banks and other financial intermediaries, without any conflicts of interest. It consists of different branches with qualified multi-year experience in the financial sector in Switzerland, Ireland and Malta.
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Expand your investment universe to capture more opportunity with a global venture capital /private equity asset class.

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Anderton SICAV plc - licensed and regulated. Working with renowned, trustworthy supervisors.

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Entrepreneurial DNA
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Socially responsible

Meet the Team

We have a growing team of talented portfolio managers. We believe in the dreamers out there. The restless ones, kept awake by their dream, those who challenge everything - the world, themselves, the status quo. We believe in their power and their passion. Then we know we are not alone.

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Strategic Advisor (Health, Fintech, TMT)

Brian Frederiksen

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Director of Anderton SICAV

Sandro Bartoli

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Director at Anderton SICAV

Pawel Osowski

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