May 29, 2021

Radical post-pandemic change creates new investment potential for qualified investors

Anderton Venture Capital intends to put investors money to work in the world of neutral and negative interest rates. We have invented and introduced to distribution a unique alternative investment fund - Challenger High Yield Fund.
  • Fund is being executed as an exclusive offer, available through selected brokers
  • Opens doors to opportunistic off-market deals (VC, pre-IPO, minority growth capital)
  • Provides a safe harbor by operating in a licensed and heavily regulated scheme
  • Portfolio companies the fund invests in yield both a social and financial impact
  • No long-term cash freezing with a maximum 3 year investment exit term
  • Offers high return on investment potential, beating other asset classes
  • Frequent one-on-one investor calls to monitor your investment
  • Geographical diversified assets in an open-ended structure
  • Managers of the fund invest their own money

Our investment proposition is an exceptional product that combines venture capital (VC) - a form of private equity financing - with a collective investment scheme organized as a SICAV. “The Challenger Impact High Yield Fund I” is one of the first funds globally available that gives eligible, retail investors access to private market investment opportunities through a subscription to an open-ended fund. Our investment objective is to achieve midterm capital growth, min. x3 cash on cash return on investment, with a 3-4 years horizon.

Why invest with us?

Alternatives such as PE and VC is the fastest-growing asset class forecasted at 15.6% growth in AUM through 2025, with CEE markets taking the lead. We know these markets very well. We have spent several years advising, investing and starting companies.

Our fund is an open-ended investment fund with only 3 years of capital freeze (regular VC investments usually require 8 years of capital lock down). You may subscribe for, convert or redeem shares in a sub-fund, whenever you wish, based on redemption regulations, directors notice and/or fund performance.

The fund will invest in early-stage global businesses and SMEs within sectors with above average growth potential. Understanding the importance of proper communication to the clients, we commit to conduct regular one-on-one calls with you to present reports of the portfolio’s profitability.

Focusing on social and financial return we are committed to implement an ethical code of conduct in all aspects of our investment activities. We ensure safe harbor by operating in a licensed and heavily regulated scheme with transparent fees. The managers and directors of the fund invest their own money and are remunerated based on the fund’s performance.

About the Fund.

  • Anderton SICAV plc (including each of its sub-funds) is a collective investment scheme organized as a multi- class public limited liability investment company with variable share capital (SICAV) under the laws of the EU and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The Company is licensed by the MFSA to carry out the activities of a publicly available umbrella collective investment scheme. The Challenger Impact High Yield Fund is a sub-fund of Anderton SICAV plc. The fund is admitted to distribution in select jurisdictions based on a thorough investigation process by national Financial Supervision Authorities. What does it mean for investors?

  • Pursuant to an investment management agreement Anderton SICAV plc has appointed Gamma Capital Markets Limited, our shareholder to act as Investment Manager for the company and its Sub-Funds. Investors assets are protected by a Depository Bank - Zarattini International Ltd, belonging to a Swiss financial group operating in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Malta. Investors account balance is registered with and maintained by a Transfer Agent - Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services Ltd. All Fund’s activities are constantly audited by Mazars Auditors and Tax Advisors. Investments in the Fund may involve significant risks. Whilst it is the intention of the Manager to implement strategies which are designed to minimize potential losses, there can be no assurance that these strategies will be successful. Each investor should carefully consider whether it can afford to bear the risks of investing in the Fund. Investing with Anderton SICAV plc is only possible for eligible investors and the minimum subscription is 100k EUR.


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